Tilapia is a much-consumed delicacy around the world. In addition to being tasty, it brings a number of benefits to the consumer’s overall health, and this is a factor little known by most.

Helps in weight loss

One of the biggest benefits, and what makes tilapia the sweetheart of those who are dieting, is the aid in weight loss. This fish is known for its fat deficiency. Therefore, it can be consumed without major problems.

In addition, the food does not have many calories. In fact, this is one of the fish with the least amount of calories per serving. The main compound of tilapia is the protein, which we will talk about a little further down.

Stimulates muscle mass gain

As we pointed out, tilapia has large amounts of protein. In fact, this fish is almost composed only of proteins, rather than carbohydrates. So if your focus is muscle mass gain, you will have a great result if you consume the food regularly.

Note that by adding the benefit of muscle gains to weight loss, we have the right formula for anyone who wants to have a great body. Tilapia can be the protein you need to improve performance in workouts without gaining in fat.

Decreases cholesterol levels in the body

Another much discussed benefit relates to heart health. If you have high cholesterol, a good alternative to improve your health is the consumption of tilapia. What happens is: there are high levels of omega 3 in fish, a compound that removes in parts the fat that is causing cholesterol.

If you take medicine to improve this aspect of your heart health, the ideal is to ally your drug to that consumption. That way, you will lose fat faster.

Decreases aging

Few foods have this advantage. Most fatty foods, in fact, advance the aging. Fortunately, tilapia contain selenium, an antioxidant substance that slows down the natural aging of structures such as the skin.

Here, we do not speak only of his appearance. Cell aging is one of the biggest problems people have, and it is also slowed down in selenium consumption. If you choose to eat tilapia regularly, your appearance and internal health will improve in an impressive way.

Strengthens the immune system

Finally, we can mention the improvements in the immune system, still citing the presence of selenium. With this substance, you can increase the number of white blood cells in your body. For those who do not know, it is these structures that defend the body.

You will not only grow stronger, and consequently will catch fewer illnesses. Tilapia also helps in faster healing of some health conditions, which may not be weakened by your body’s defense system.