We need to be very careful in the technique used in the farming of tilapia. The species fragility could determine the quality and taste of the final product.

Lake’s Fish concerns itself with the latest farming techniques, in order to deliver the best quality fish to your table. Farther down, let’s explain a little more about our brand’s differential.

The chain of production

The production starts with the use of high technology in the fish nursery. At this point, we work on improving the selection of the best fish.

The selection is done cautiously, taking in consideration the needs of the consumer. We feed our fish the best and most nutritious rations.

In the next phase, we make sure that the tilapia gets to the processing unit ready for harvesting. Once again, we use our expertise to ensure that our product is healthy and flavorful. It’s important to emphasize the proximity of the fish processing unit, which help to maintain the freshness and quality of our products.

We have developed a more humane killing technique. This will avoid creating stress in the fish. The next phase is storing the product.

It is important that the same low temperature be maintained throughout the entire chain of production. For that purpose, we’ve implemented what we call smart infrastructure.

That way, the fish gets to you with the quality that only Lake’s Fish guarantees. Now, let’s talk a little about the brand differential. After all, technology makes a big difference in the final product.

The Lake’s Fish Differential

Lake’s Fish uses the latest technologies and its infrastructure to guarantee the freshness of its products. Furthermore, we emphasize the importance of storage and preserving the freshness.

Being a processing company, we at Lake’s Fish are used to prioritizing quality and freshness during the whole phase of production. Our storage capacity is enormous, and we make sure that every fish gets properly packed and preserved to maintain quality and taste.

Furthermore, we have developed a top of the line recycling system, which requires the constant use of the latest know-how. The fish that are not processed can be used in the production of oil and flour. Therefore, avoiding any waste.

The selection of the best fish is essential. The recycling system mentioned above can only be successful if we invest heavily on the proper selection of our tilapia for processing. Through this meticulous process, we are capable of delivering only the best to our clients.