Is preparing a great tilapia a challenge for you? Are you tired of always producing the same recipes? Luckily, this food can be prepared in many ways!

There is no limit to the creativity in tilapia preparation. Today, you will know some of the ways to produce wonderful dishes that will give the touch that was lacking in your meals. Stay in!

Roasted Tilapia

This option is for those who want to delight in a great dish, but can not fail to take care of health. If you want to escape the fry, there is an interesting outlet: the roasted tilapia.

You have the option to consume the food alone, with the accompaniments that you prefer or with a crust to increase the dish. We suggest the use of nuts, such as the nut of Pará, to produce this final touch. So you do not need to use too much fry.

Fillet of tilapia with sauce

This is one of the best ways to prepare tilapia. If you want to get away from greasy options, a good sauce is also a viable option. Simply produce the food without the excessive use of oil.

Want a different recipe? Does the filet of tilapia seem very common? You can fix the dish by creating unique sauces. Here there is an obvious benefit: this fish is tasty with almost any type of sauce. You do not have to take much care when it comes to preparation.

We selected some sauce options that match the tilapia fillet for you to try:

White sauce
Tomato Sauce
Fruit sauce (the orange is a great option, for example)
Capers sauce
Now just choose your ideal sauce is to start preparing. The recipe is simple and delivers wonderful results.

Tilapia cake

If you want to make a date between friends at home, this is your ideal option. To serve the visitors, you must bet on the best tilapia snack of the moment: the cookie. It is a dish loved by all, which can get even better with the addition of sauces.

In fact, the tilapia cake is not fried, but roasted. So you can keep the recipe healthy, crispy and tasty. The sauces can be as diverse as possible. Bet on a lemon or garlic sauce, which are more general options.

Tilapia bait

Tilapia bait is also one of the best known and most appreciated tidbits. If you want to invest in a recipe served in restaurants to dazzle the guests, this is your chance.

Since the crackers used to dip the fish are not caloric, the recipe can also be taken as a healthy option. Use the sauces as complements.

Tilapia skewer

For barbecue lovers, one way of preparation known is the skewer of tilapia produced in the oven. This is a more nutritious option for those who want to escape red meat. You can eat the fish alone or put accompaniments such as rice and salad. It is at your discretion!